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Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil Premium Strategy 2023-2024

​​Our Pupil Premium Strategy is based on a process of plan, do, review.

​At the start the year 2023-24 Castle Hill School has 26.8% of learners who are eligible for Pupil Premium and associated Recovery Premium funding. This means, for 2023-24, that the school will receive £87,427 exclusive of LAC. Our learners who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding are not underachieving in comparison to their peers. This is due to our relentless commitment to personalised learning around the holistic needs of the individual.

Delivery of Pupil Premium

Our school curriculum is enhanced by using Pupil Premium, in part, to provide enriching activities for our pupils. These activities are selected to promote motivation for communication, physical development, regulation and wellbeing.

​Pupil Premium also helps support our enhanced curriculum.

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​​We provide regular Pupil Premium interventions focussed on child-centred targets and learning opportunities. We carefully track progress, develop next steps, and assess those within the next session. A progress tracking document for each Pupil Premium student has been created, including information on previous and current targets and a table for PiPs and observations of learning which is updated following each 1:1 session. This process is completed in collaboration with class teachers to assess progress and review targets on a session-by-session basis, ensuring learning is appropriately scaffolded and progress is made.

A Pupil Premium audit was completed on the week beginning Monday 5th February 2024
An action plan has been formulated to address any issues highlighted.
The audit outcome and action plan are available on request.

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Note: Previous academic year Pupil Premium funding information is available upon request.