Children learn best when home and schoolwork together. Here at Castle Hill School, we feel that parents have the right to feel welcome and to know that their children work, play and learn in friendly, safe and helpful environment.

Our aim is to provide all families and children within the community of Castle Hill School a single point of contact to ensure communication between home and school is successful.

Supporting the Family

We aim to

  • encourage good relations and effective dialogue between parents/carers and teachers about children’s progress through daily contact in the home /school diary, regular phone calls, parent’s evenings, and annual reviews
  • support parents/carers moving into or from Castle Hill School
  • provide impartial information or referrals to parents about the school and relevant local services available to parents, children and families including those provided by education, social care, youth justice, childcare providers, the voluntary sector and others
  • provide training for parents/carers that will support them and enhance the learning, wellbeing and development of their child
  • ensure that clear and consistent messages regarding school policies and practice are shared with parents/carers and the community
  • keep up to date on the range of agencies working locally to maintain knowledge of services that parents might be signposted to

Victoria Lee is the Family Liaison and Outreach Support Officer for the families and students at Castle Hill School. If you want to contact us about a particular issue or you just need someone to listen, Victoria is available on 01484 544558 from 9.00 – 5.00 pm.

You can also email on:

Looking for further support? Please see some useful links below to external organisations and charities.

We deliver beds and basics to children in poverty. (